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Institute profile

The Institute for International Urban Resarch (InUrban) is a non-profit research organization founded in November 2009 by scientists from the Department of Urban Studies (TEAS) at the Institute of Geographical Sciences at the Freie Universitšt of Berlin. We offer expertise in the analysis, evaluation and control of processes in urban and regional context. Our work focuses is the implementation of research projects, creating reports and organizing scientific conferences and workshops. InUrban has worked and works for federal and state ministries, municipalities, associations, the European Union and as well the private sector. 

InUrban is member of the International Academy Berlin gGmbH (INA). The International Academy Berlin gGmbH (INA) is a non-profit organization which provides an institutional umbrella covering a number of institutions.

Focus areas

As a non-profit and independent research institute we work on following themes:

•    Mobility and Transport
•    Urban and Regional Development
•    Urban Governance
•    Urban Economy
•    Small and medium-sized business as well as start ups and foundation of enterprises
Our services include:
•    Implementation of qualitative and quantitative surveys
•    Data acquisition and development of geographic information systems (GIS)
•    Stakeholder analysis in planning processes
•    Location-based SWOT-analysis
•    International benchmarking of regions and locations
•    Development of best-practice-guides
•    Creation of scenarios and recommendations
•    Location-based capture and analysis of mobility behavior
•    Evaluation of strategies to reduce traffic-related pollution
•    Organization and implementation of workshops and conferences

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